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Man and Nature

Science and tradition in environmental consciousness

When you pluck a petal out, you grab not is beauty.
Rabindranath Tagore

When the decision was made to make “ Man and Nature “ the topic of this Seminar,
two opposite ideas arose in my mind : on the one hand, the beauty, meaningfulness and harmony of Parque Biológico of Vila Nova de Gaia, one of the best environmental showcases in Europe; on the other, the dismal desolation and destruction operated by mankind upon Nature. These two examples thorougly reflect the present evolutionary state of Man. We can find on one side, an overwhelming majority, deeply immersed in ignorance, mesmerized by the affluence society we live in, turns enslaved to the ongoing acquisition of material and stimulating goods, so breething an insasiable greed, capable of overexplore the limits of our natural resources. On the other side, it is to be found a small group of sensible people, sharing a holistic view of the world, fighting to save Nature and Man from its inferior Nature.


We lost touch with our ecological and biological basis, this separation being manifest in the disparity between scientific and technological knowledge, and the Wisdom arising from Spirituality and Ethics.
Fritjof Capra

Free Will is one of the main characteristics of Man, after individualization is reached : the ability to use his own capacities to walk down a path, to transform or adapt anything according to his will.
Mankind in its present status is made out of a large group of individualized Egos, already gone through a part of the Path, after they left the animal level status. Therefore and as a result of his present evolutionary state, a strong animal drive is still to be found in his behaviour and instincts, though no more under the guidance of the previous Group Soul he was incrusted into. As a result, the free-willing but materially-oriented present Man, usually acts in a most egocentric way, guided by such impulses as those of desire, envy, pride and attachment, which generate huge astral and mental energy fields and haunt, influence and amplify the negative behaviour of visible and invisible beings, thus creating an omnipresent condition of stress, hate, anger and violence which disharmonize Nature in is entirity. All these sort of influences encourages man to look down onto his navel, to his inferior chackras, in order to satisfy his, in order to satisfy at any cost his ever–changing desires, even if it means killing, destroying or harming his fellow-creatures or any other species on the planet.

a)The Creative Force of Nature

The technology of the future is nowadays’ magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

Quantum physics bridges science and mysticism. Thy physicians have actually realized that the Universe may be inetrconnected in a subtler way than previously imagined. New discoveries allow us to go into the physical subplanes which nearly touch the etherical levels. New states of matter such us the plasmatic and Bose-Einstein condensed show it. He latter refers to those atoms the behaviour of which shows an ondulatory pattern more than a material one. As a consequence of the discovery that shows that at a subatomic level, particles and waves have non-local and instantaneous conexions, Bell proves the unity, interconexion and inerdependence of the Universe. Even when placed wide apart, particles that had previously been united, show the very same characteristics as if they had never been separated, just like there were some kind of special interconnectedeness binding them together, beyond the realms of space and time. Objects are not static. They are considered to be “Waves of probability”. Although mathematically it can be foreseen how these possibilities will evolve, one can never be sure how exactly they will be actualized. Consciousness forces the collapse of these possibilities into something concrete, thus being integrated by quantum physics in the cosmic equation, as the element that actually “chooses” among the different possibilities of actualization of those probabilities : it os Her that creates and shapes matter. Therefore, Man being an active center of consciousness, has the capability for changing matter, as well as the extraordinary possibility of integrating nowadays’ science in future technology.
Let us keep in mind that our present is shaped and guided by discoveries made in the past. One wonders what future will keep in store, driven by quantum technology shaped by consciousness !

After all, what is Consciousness ?

Radha Burnier, our President, tells us that consciousness is multifaced, revealing itself either as mental activity, intelligence or solidarity. These factors can actually be found, in diffrent degrees of evolution, both in Man and in Nature. Plants and animals, though in a lower degree, are part of the unified Consciousness. Therefore it is essencial that each individual gets aware that his / her attitude may indeed interfere with the course of things. A sense of ehtics anchored in spiritual unity and universal fraternity is mandatory.

b) Reflexions on Genetics Engineering

Genetics Engineering is a science that can either be used for the benefit of mankind and the living beings in general or with selfish intentions. Whatever the situation, one can’t help considering that even the intentions of researchers are noble, they are nothing but sorcerers apprentices, ignoring processes and implications which arise from the strict application of the laws of Nature.
Genetics manipulation will not be a safe technology unless when Man begins to get a glimpse of his full constitution beyond the material body.
Other vehicules have already been discovered, such as the Bioenergetic, the Emotional and the Ego itself, and only when Man will be able to access them consciously, will he be able to manipulate their different kinds of matter, according to the Divine Plan. The ordinary ego, still unable to control the mechanisms of its own progress, still relies both on the Law of Karma and Evolution to access incarnation.
When conditions are ripe, each Ego ready for incarnation, casts an impulse of creative energy which generates an attractive force between the embryo and the Ego.
Afterwards the building f the inferior vehicles starts to take place, under the supervision of the Devas. It is a well-known fact that in theis inicial phases, both men and animal embryos are virtually undistinguishable, until the Logoic energy comes in play and pressuring matter to assume a form more in line with the goals of human evolution and needs. These facts show that the building and the vivification of the Human Body is accomplished from top to bottom, from the Ego to the Physical and not the other way round, due to the negative implications that a being still attracted by selfish demands, would bear on itself.
At the present time, human cloning would have an obscure side on itself and could be dangerous for mankind :
-the utilization of Man’s physical bodies by low astral entities, usually known as “possession”;
-the utilization of these bodies by elementars, closely linked to physical matter, delaying human evolution;
-the creation of a being without a Divine Spark, becoming an unethical cold, materialistic and animal-like creature;
-a second-class being which could be enslaved by mankind;
-a war-machine which could replace soldiers in battle;
-a being used by religioius sects to fulfil their intents;
-a multitude of similar faces, jamming the usefulness and richness of diversity;
-genetic malformations which would inevitably arise;
-the creation of disposable beings which would serve as mere organ donators;
-the anihillation of a multitude of beings due to “production failure”, and so on.
Besides these, other questions arise :
-would the cloned being be considered as a full human being ?
-would this kind of reproductive method draw people further apart ?
-what would the cloned psychology be like and how would it affect its relationship
with society ?

Another ethical problem to be considered is the uncontroled abuse of the embryo, by the entities who clone it. This embryo is the physical principle of the human life and is the recipient of human characteristics. Its regular development will never procduce a dog or a flower, but a human being. Althouth the Ego takes possession of its vehicles only around the 7th month of pregnancy, when they are ready to be taken over and allow a magnetic bond to be formed, the conexion between Ego and embryo akes place in the very moment of conception. When a human embryo is being manipulated, one mustn’t forget a human life is being worked upon .
Genetics engineering will only be a surplus to mankind, when the occult laws and the real structure and purpose of Nature is known as a reality.

III. Man in Harmony with Nature

Fraternity is a reality in Nature, with we perceive it or not;
The meaning of the Only life amidst diversity lies in it.
N. Sri Ram

So that Man may live in harmony with nature, it is necessary both to defend and live under the three goals of the Theosophical Society :
-To form a nucleus of Universal Fraternity without distinction of race, sex or colour;
-To promote the comparative study of Science, Religion and Philosophy;
-To investigate the unknown laws of Nature and the concealed powers of Man.

These goals are the key to it all. Theosophy unifies every aspect os the Manifestation of the Absolute : Unity within a coherent interconection with diversity. Furthermore, it allows us to discover the true laws of Nature and Man, through a global binding of all its members, that form a capsule of light within Mankind. It is a collective job, inspired upon the Masters, the Elder, who work in benefit of Mankind accordingly to the plan of the Logos. Man as well as Nature is a multi-dimensional being and so the Theosophical work includes every Plan of Nature.

a) Man and its true inner Nature
A higher destiny awaits you.
The light you bear hides the light you are.
The Upanishades.

The main features of the concrete mind are :
-the catalogation of every form it grasps, thus promoting separativeness;
-the habit of self – centering, as a result of the sum of past lives experiences.
On the other hand, the sense of unity can only be found through the use of the Spiritual Mind. This Mind allows Man to search continuosly within himself for the noblest of his qualities, hidden among the whirlpool of his passions, desires, and random thoughts, so encouraging him to glimpse his own True Nature, which binds him to the Whole, independently from the ocean of mutable forms behind which it lies hidden.
One could certainly ask if this isn’t a form of selfishness.
In my opinion, it isn’t , at least, in the present degree of evolution.
This introspection allows one to identify himself with the Other, as this separetiveness is non-existent at the highest levels of Manifestation. It further allows one to make blossom real positive feelings, such as Love and Compassion.
Because, after all, who can really devote himself to help others, without having a trully pure heart and an open mind ?

b) Man and his outer nature

When appreciating Nature – ours and the Creation’s – to its full extent,
With our senses and spiritual imagination, we manage to glimpse, as
Bright as the sun, the infinite image of God.
Al Gore.

The ecosystem which envelops our vehicles and of which we are both a particle and the whole : that’s what I call the Outer Nature.
James Loveloce was the scientist who, in present times, developed Gaya hyphothesis : the whole earth system self-regulates itself, just like if it was a living organism, managing to keep the balance among all its elements and forces in a perfect way, until the arrival of humans on Earth. To back this hypothesis, the scientific contributions in the fields of biodiversity and biogeochemistry, showing the perfect interaction and symbiosis between, not only living beings amongst themselves but also between them and their physical environment.
Biologist Michael Denton and astrophysicians Jacques Demaret and Dominique Lambert tell us about the Antropic Principle : it seem that, since the dawn of times, the Universe prepares itself for the arrival of Man. From the macrocosmos to the microcosmos, everything shows as a highly organized whole within a complex evolutionary system. Hazard explains nothing and everything comes into existence by mere necessity. The coming into being of the different species obbeys a clear and predetermined plan. The evidences for this scheme grow by the hour, within the framework of the present scientific knowledge. Mother Earth is the womb of earth life, but every single life unit on our planet depends on the Sun as its energetic source. It is the sun that produces the photosynthesis, the single most important chemical reaction taking place in Nature. A magnificient molecular symbiosis between mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, through which oxygen and luminous energy, originally captured by the cloroplasts of green plants, reach Manking under different forms, such as gas, food or the energetic raw materials, so in need in our society. Nuclear energy is also shaped in the alquimic oven of the stars, as hydrogenium, the basic physical matter of the Universe, is transformed into heavier elements, which form the brick structure of the whole universe. And there are other solar phenomena relevant to life, such as : the water cycle ( tthe veins of Gaya ) which vivifies the earth crust and provides the electrical power we depend on, the Heliosphere, a proctective Aura shielding life on Earh from lethl radiations coming in from space...
These are only some examples which we can obtain through present day science and which help us to understand the existence of an evolutionary plan, drawn by a Superior Intelligence, just like Theosophy teaches. Atoms, cells and organs are living entities which build up human bodies, as well as the living Earth we belong to, as well as the Solar system we live into, into an upward spiral that has no end. All these entities are alike in their divine essence, but in different evolutive degrees.


The rise of a number of diseases such as cancer, infertility, respiratory dificulties, bulimy, depression, etc., is due to pollution in the water we drink, in tbhe food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the emotions we convey and the thoughts we produce.The European Comission for Environment Affairs denounces that the economical powers behind society are so powerful, that the number of products made to last only for a short period of time , is immense, leaving behind a large trail of litter and pollution. It is up to each one of us to tread the path of sustainable consumption, in order to try to run away from this vicious web that drags the worls and its inhabitants towards an unprecedent disaster. As we merge into Nature, we confirm that it is merely the global conscience of every living being, working in a wonderful world of mutual relationships, where everyone of them is interwoven and wouldn’t survive isolated.
There is an occult Hierarchy which grasps the laws of the Logos. It is part of a Theosopher’s job to study, understand and mingle with all this process. The knowledge of the Universal Laws is capital to speed up the evolutionary process we live into. The true Theosopher respects every form of life. He takes care that none of his actions inflict injustice or pain upon others. He works to the glory of the Logos and the progress of Mankind. As every existence comes from the Divine Power, Man should work towards the elimination of every destructive tendences within. On Mother Earth, we find that tenderness, love and kindness are qualities that are part of the very core of ourselves and every living beings. Living according to these values means helping to preserve the Cosmic Harmony; and to be a channel of the Hierarchy of Compassion endlessly outpouring unconditional love upon the whole world.

Allow me to close this paper with a poem :

The garden and the house

Nothing was lost within me
Nights and sunsets
That flowed in the house and the garden,
The different voices go on
That upon my self linger.
I bring terror and light alike
And through every presence
I walk towards everlasting
Sophia Mello Breyner. Jorge Moreira,
May 2002


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